Dear Friends, 

It’s hard to believe – Just one year ago I embarked on this Homemade journey to help bring families together around the dinner table, a tradition that was such a huge part of the way I grew up and the way I now connect with my own little family. 

The first step was Homemade’s home delivery meal kits, embraced with such overwhelming love and support that I am truly humbled. I’ve heard so many great stories about how Homemade has been a positive influence in the lives of countless families, and I am so proud of the community we’ve built together. I can’t quite express into words how grateful I am that you’ve invited me and Homemade into your homes.

I am writing to you today to share the exciting news that I am now taking Homemade to the next level. Homemade was created as a solution for busy families, and our goal has always been to have Homemade be something approachable and accessible to everyone. My commitment to that promise is still true, and I cannot wait to share with you what we’re working on.  

As we take this next step in improving the Homemade experience, we will be taking a brief hiatus from filling Homemade meal kit subscriptions. We will be working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible, but will make sure to keep you informed every step of the way. I look forward to sharing with you the new (and improved!) Homemade offerings, and I feel confident that they will be well worth the wait. 

Stay tuned for news and updates on what I’ve got cooking!